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Stories of Courageous Christians

Sharing God’s Good News
to the Unreached

Stories of Courageous Christians highlights stories of believers who journey beyond their comfort zone and compassionately serve reach people who have little or no access to the Gospel.

817-980-4831 (USA)

About Us

The Stories for Courageous Christians podcast began in 2018 as our founder expanded his connections with Christians involved in bringing the gospel to those who have never heard about Jesus' life and work. 

We focus on Christians who are serving people who have no access to the gospel because of geographic, political or religious roadblocks. God is leading believers from all regions of the world to creatively and compassionately access previously unreached areas using healthcareare, Bible translation, language training and many more methods. Get in touch with us in Fort Worth, Texas, USA to learn more.

About Our Founder 

Mark Kordic writes and produces Stories of Courageous Christians. He is known as a superconnector of opportunities for ministries focused on the unreached.

As a Certified Christian Non-Profit Leader (CCNL), Mark builds international partnerships with Christian leaders who want #GospelAccessforAll. Those who know him best call him a passionate equipper and a Go-Giver.  Check out "Unreached of the Day," a service of Joshua Project, one of his other podcasts.  

Mark is an accomplished and integrity-driven leader with more than 30 years of success in advancing Christian ministries and leading teams in the areas of international missions, (Seed Company-Wycliffe Bible Translators), Christian media (spent 20 years building a 14-station radio network started by Dr. David Jeremiah), Christian higher education, and churches (he’s been a mission pastor for 11 years). 

Read the Stories

Stories of Courageous Christians

Phone: 817-980-4831 (USA)

Email: [email protected]